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Earth First! declared Winner of our Challenge for most effective direct action.

To our wonderful protesters who showed up to the RNC to stand up for justice as well as those at home who are doing things locally to make their communities a better place:

Tampa has spent $50 million of this country’s tax dollars on a made up boogy man.  Our council members and mayor created an extreme oppressive framework instead of focusing on real issues and bettering our community.  Our homeless are still suffering and home owners are still losing their homes. Despite this, we are embodying an alternative way of being. From Romneyville, to old West Tampa, to the Big Ben TECO power plant, we are showing that there are other economies, other forms of power, and other worlds that are possible.

Together, we remained effective in our messaging and no provocateurs were able to sabotage our efforts.  No one was framed, no one was hurt and we showed the masses what we stand for, justice. This is a victory.

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As we wrap up the protests, we still have outstanding bills to cover the supplies.

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